US DOC opens investigation in grain-oriented electrical steel from seven countries

The US Department of Commerce on Thursday formally initiated the countervailing duty investigation of grain-oriented electrical steel from China and the antidumping investigations of grain-oriented electrical steel from China, the Czech Republic, Germany, Japan, Korea, Poland, and Russia.

The DOC has identified 14 subsidy programs that it will examine in connection with the CVD investigation of China.

The estimated dumping margins, based on the allegations in the petitions, are as follows:
(a) China - 159.21%
(b) the Czech Republic - 68.46 to 235.50%
(c) Germany - 38.54 to 241.91%
(d) Japan - 44.95 to 172.30%
(e) Korea - 49.51 to 257.61%
(f) Poland - 56.69 to 99.51%
(g) Russia - 43.52 to 119.88%