About Us

Nanjing hengjie steel industrial Co., Ltd is a joint-stock company. The company focuses on providing high value-added spring steel products at the beginning of establishment, and creates more value for users. We take "quality first" as company marketing ways, "create future, insist perfection and particularity" as operation principle. Nowadays, we own many senior engineers with more than 15 years experience, 3 intensive processing of advanced production lines, full sets of testing equipment.
From hot rolled→ annealed→ cold rolled(cold drawn, peeled) → heat treatment(oil quenched, lead quenched) → shipment. Each process has been strictly tested through machine and technician, to ensure that the products qualified rate to reach 98.5% or more, strive to achieve 0 defects.
At present, our spring products include: oil tempered steel wire( FDCrSi, FDCrV, VDCrSi, VDCrV, TDCrV, etc) ; cold drawn round steel bar( SAE9254, SUP12V, 55Cr3, 55CrSi, 60Si2CrVA, SUP6, SUP7, SUP9, etc) ; peeled round bar( 55Cr3, SAE9254, SUP12V, 55CrSi, 60Si2CrVA, SUP6, SUP7, SUP9, etc) ; cold drawn square steel; taper spring bar; cold rolled spring strip steel( 65Mn, 60Si2Mn, 55CrMnA, 50CrV, SUP6, SUP7, SAE5160, etc) ; hot rolled wire rod; hot rolled round bar; hot rolled spring flat steel( SUP9, SUP6, SUP7, SAE5160H, SAE6150, etc).
Meanwhile, except main spring steel products, we have developed free cutting steel products, from hot rolled to cold drawn, including cold drawn hexagons, cold drawn round steel, cold drawn square steel, cold drawn irregular steel. The size is 2mm-130mm, and steel grade is C1118, 12L14, 1215, Y15Pb, Y40Mn, Y45Pb, S45CF, S45CL, Y15, Y35, SUM24L,  SUM42, 11SMnPb and so on.
In order to further satisfy the needs of customers, we independently research and develop the irregular steel products which are widely used in various kinds of mechanical equipment.
Besides deep processing products, we are also as an agent of alloy steel bar from famous steel mills. Round steel: 12mm-1000mm; square steel: 10mm-130mm. The steel grade: S10CB-S45CB, 4140, 4340, 52100, SUP9, 55CrSi etc. Nowadays, our products have been exported to 19 countries, used in the car, mining, medical treatment, the train, aviation, aerospace, ship, textile and other fields, excellent quality and considerate service are complimentary by clients.
For many years, we still continually promote our management, improve techniques, search and develop new products constantly to helping customers improve product quality and reduce cost. We take “the development of customers is our development” as service purpose, “quality first ”as marketing method. Pay more attention to development of staff. We put the growth of the customer, staff's growth, the growth of company as a whole, make a long-term planning and meanwhile keep a watchful eye on each detail, and boost common prosperity with each other.
We believe: Our product and service will bring you much better development.
Enterprise mission: Create value for the customer, create interests for shareholder, create the future for our staff, create a better society.
Operation principle: Create future, Insist perfection and particularity.
Strategy goal: Achieve the most competitive spring steel enterprise.
Enterprise spirit: Integrity is basic, innovation is soul, learning is no end, fight for top class forever.