FDCrVA Spring Steel Round Bar

Item Code: Features:1. Material: 50CrVA 2. Size: Dia12mm-300mm 3. State of delivery: Hot rolled; Cold drawn
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Product details

1. Material: 50CrVA.

2. Specification: Wire rod: 5.5mm-16mm

                        Rolled: 12mm-150mm

                        Forged: 160mm-450mm

3. Certificate: ISO9001:2008

4. Chemical composition:

    C: 0.46-0.54; Si: 0.17-0.37; Mn: 0.50-0.80; S:0.030max; P: 0.030max; Cr: 0.80-1.10;

    Ni: 0.35max; Cu: 0.25max; V: 0.10-0.20

5. Mechanical properties:

 Tensile strength(Mpa)

   Yield strength


 Reduction of area

      min1274(130)    min1127(115)      min10             min40

6. State of delivery: Hot rolled, hot treat, cold rolled and so on.

7. Heat treatment standard:

     Hardening 850 °C+/-20 °C; Oil cooling: tempering 500 °C+/-50 °C. (Special: +/-30 °C).

8. Hardness: Hot rolled+ hot treatment: 321HB max

                   Cold drawn+ hot treatment: 321HB max.

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