TATA Steel invests GBP 800,000 to curb Wales factory dust

PTI reported that Indian steel giant TATA Steel has invested GBP 800,000 in a new machine to curb the black dust emanating from its factory in Wales.

Last month Natural Resources Wales had issued the Indian owned steel mill owners with an enforcement notice to carry out a further review into the dust problems. It followed complaints from residents in the Taibach and Margam areas around the Port Talbot plant.

The company has now bought an expensive wheel wash system for giant dumper trucks in a bid to solve the problem of black dust fallout from the plant.

A TATA Steel spokesperson said that "We now have the wheel-wash which is essentially a long series of water sprays which wash the unwanted material off the wheels of the trucks into containers so we can dispose of it properly."

Residents said that their homes were still being affected by the dust but it was finer and in lower quantities.

An NRW spokesperson said that "At the moment, we are still monitoring the site but after the date has passed we will be conducting a review to see if improvements have been made."